Our WED LOOP Services is an upcycling and longevity service that is committed to reducing waste and promoting sustainable fashion. We specialize in transforming old or unworn clothing/fabrics into new WED styles.

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    "Chance Design Method" is a design method developed by WED to utilise scraps and left over fabrics. Through using awkward cut offs and fabric left over production, we use them to inform shapes and create new styles, enhancing material efficiency.

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    The term “Client Creative Collaboration” was coined by WED to describe the process within the Bespoke services. Through client collaboration, we create the style our clients want in a highly creative process of an exchange of ideas, sketches and reference images.

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    As part of our continuing commitment to create consciously, WED created a series of re-purposed dresses in an elevated presentation of the possibilities of taking apart and giving life to stagnant fabric.

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    We offer a range of upcycling services, including
    alterations and repairs for existing WED styles only to ensure that the garment
    has added longevity and value.

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    Get in touch for client collaborations or corporate collaborations with WED LOOP.

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At WED LOOP, we are committed to promoting sustainable fashion and reducing waste in the industry. Our upcycling and longevity services specialize in transforming old or unworn clothing and fabrics into new, high-quality WED styles that are both timeless and sustainable.

Our mission is to create a closed loop system that keeps clothing out of landfills and helps minimize the environmental impact of the fashion industry. We achieve this through creative collaboration with our clients and partners, working closely with them to understand their style and preferences, and using our expertise in design to transform their old clothing and fabrics into new, beautiful pieces that will stand the test of time.

Our team of experienced designers and artisans use innovative design techniques and sustainable practices to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that surpass fleeting trend moments.