Made to order:

Q: How can I see what is available for Made to Order?
A: Please email your enquiry to info@wed-studio.com and we can send a full linesheet for current and past seasons. Alternatively, any item featured in our Lookbooks, online Made to Order section and Instagram are available for Made to Order.

Q: How does the made to order service work?
A: Please email info@wed-studio.com the item you would like to buy with the following information:
1. The garment you would like.
2. The Size
3. Preferred delivery time.

Q: How much does Made to Order cost?
A: This is dependent on the style, and we will advise through email. We require 100% prepayment for Made to Order.

Q: Do you do refunds for Made to Order?
A: We do not do refunds for Made to Order as each garment is made specifically for you.

Q: What sizes do you offer for Made to Order?
A: UK Sizes 8-18

Bridal and Custom:

Q: What does the Bespoke/Custom service entail?

A: Our Bespoke/Custom service allows customers to fully adapt any style we have. This includes lengths, details, fabrications, and sleeves. We can take details or certain manipulations from different styles to create a hybrid style that feels special and unique to you. Or if you have a completely new idea, we would love to work with you as this is what excites us!

Q: How much does a custom wedding dress cost?
A: Depending on the style and how bespoke the piece is, a wedding dress can be from £3500 - £10,000.

Q: I am not a Bridal customer, but I want a custom piece made, can I still order?
A: Yes, we can create a custom piece for any occasion. Our services are not exclusive to Bridal customers. We can create pieces for any event - please enquire at info@wed-studio.com and detail what you would like to create.

Q: I want to try on garments in your studio, is this possible?
A: Yes, this is possible. We allocate 1 hour appointments. However we charge a £50 fee as we suspend all studio workings.

Q: I know I want a WED custom wedding dress, but how do I go about and do it?
A: Contact us at info@wed-studio.com for an initial enquiry and we can take it from there!

Q: I am too far to travel to London to see you in person, how can I create a custom/made to order/made to measure?
A: If you cannot travel to our studio for your appointment, we can do a digital appointment and guide you through taking your own measurements. We can also send fabric swatches and send photos and drawings.

Q: You posted a dress in black on Instagram, but I want it in white, is this possible?
A: Yes any dress/skirt/top/accessory is available in white and black. For a special colour, this will be a bespoke service.

Q: I want a dress with my body measurements is this possible?
A: Yes, we can fit any dress to your exact body shape. We will perfect the shape for your body as part of our Bespoke service.

Q: Can I arrange a digital appointment?
A: Yes, we can. Here you will have your measurements taken, view all of your desired dresses on a mannequin and get advice on fit from our team.

Time Frames:

Q: How long does a made to order take?
A: 3-12 weeks. But if you require a quicker turnaround please discuss with us, we may speed up the process with a small fee.

Q: How long does a made to measure take?
A: Up to 12 weeks. However, this can be short as 3 weeks depending on the style.

Q: How long does a Bridal dress take?
A: Generally, we ask for a minimum of 5-7 months, however depending on the style this may take longer or shorter/ This will be discussed during your appointment.

Q: I need the dress quickly, is this possible?
A: A shorter lead time is possible but will incur an additional fee.

Q: Who will make my dress?
A: Our highly skilled seamstresses with Bridal and Couture specific experience will make your dress in London.

Q: I bought a made to order dress but need an alteration, can I do this?
A: Yes, alterations are possible with an alteration fee.

Custom, Red Carpet & Celebrity Clients:

Q: Can you create special pieces for celebrity events i.e. red carpets and performances?
A: Yes, we can create looks for celebrities for performances and events. Please enquire at info@wed-studio.com to detail what is required.

Payment and Returns:

Q: What is your returns policy?
A: For made to order, made to measure and custom services, we are unable to accept returns or refunds, due to their bespoke nature.

Q: What are your payment terms?
A: We require 100% prepayment for all made to order services and 50% deposit and 50% before delivery on Custom orders.