Bridal Project

At WED, we are deeply committed to creating fashion that is sustainable, ethical, and conscious. As part of this ongoing commitment, we have developed a series of re-purposed dresses that showcase the incredible potential of taking apart and reviving stagnant fabrics.

Working with carefully selected vintage wedding dresses, cathedral tulle veils, sequin embellishments, antique lace, and crochet cloth, we create 100% sustainable styles that demonstrate the endless possibilities of repurposing. We are proud to offer this service to brides who are interested in taking a sustainable approach to their wedding day.

If you own a cherished heirloom wedding dress that no longer suits your personal style, does not fit, or simply feels outdated, we can repurpose the fabric to create a WED style that is uniquely yours. Whether you are looking for a dress, top, skirt, or trousers, we can create a bespoke design that incorporates your heirloom fabric in a sustainable and stylish way.

Any style that you see on our platforms is available to be made into a part of our Bridal Project, and we are always excited to work with clients to bring their unique vision to life.

*Please note this is not a alterations service but a recreation service all falls into the custom realm.

For more information on this special project service, please email us at We look forward to collaborating with you to create something truly special and sustainable for your wedding day.