WED currently creates one non-seasonal collection per year, which form the foundation of the brand's recognisable aesthetic, alongside selected special projects. The WED aesthetic focuses on technique, the intricacies of draping and intellect in zero-waste cutting, rejecting trends in favour of a timeless sensuality, combined with luxurious and innovative fabric mixing.


Pursuing smaller scale and custom operations, we work collaboratively with clients to create personalised pieces, which are tailored to their personal need and taste. We believe this collaborative design process embeds each garment with the sentiment, personal value and creative understanding that ultimately means the garment will last a lifetime, much like a cherished piece of couture.


Our practise optimistically questions the old systems of the fashion establishment, as we explore alternative ways of working as a brand and modern Atelier.  With purpose, people, and planet at the forefront of our agenda, we believe in creating clever solutions to the fashion systems current problems, dismantling the traditional concept of a one-day dress, and rewriting the creation process, purpose, and lifespan of special pieces and ready-to-wear alike.


We know we are not perfect and have a long way to go to meeting all of our sustainability milestones. Our framework of goals sets a standard for us to uphold and be held accountable to as we move forward with each project.

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When we started the business, we needed to address the lack of diversity within the bridalwear industry and marketing. The industry for many years focused on a heteronormative and Eurocentric view. We wanted to do the opposite.

As a duo of POC and Queer background, this was incredibly important for us. Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion is not a short-lived marketing campaign. It is of utmost importance to us as a brand and as individuals and will always take precedence in the work that we do.

Environmental racism should always be part of the conversation surrounding sustainability and fashion. We cannot separate the climate injustice faced by indigenous people from the throw-away nature of the global fashion industry today. We work hard to ensure that we create emotionally and physically durable pieces to be cherished and passed on, with considered local production.


From our inception, we embedded clever cutting principles and innovative draping into the framework of the brand, enabling us to minimise scrap and most often cut with zero waste as pieces can be placed across full widths and cut edge to edge. Any scraps are embraced using our ‘chance designing method’, which utilises cut-offs and positions them in new and clever patchwork styles, which can then be recreated for production when ordered to the metre.


The wedding dress is both physically and emotionaly durable. It is something we want to harness and apply to every purchase we make and how we approach clothes.

Not only is our focus on the end-user, but we are looking at a much wider network of stakeholders and considering the consequences of how we move forward in an industry that historically holds profit ahead of people and planet.


Each WED garment is produced using a careful selection of fabrics, deadstock and upcycled materials. All new fabrics are selected from trusted mills with a non-seasonal approach, meaning that any production leftovers are sent back to our studio for reuse in sampling, special projects, or one-off pieces. We encourage clients that most of our styles can be washed at a low temperature, unless otherwise stated, as an alternative to traditional dry cleaning. 

Each season we look to increase our eco fabric choices and educate ourselves on sustainable fabric options. We work to significantly reduce our use of synthetic fabrics including polyester, by favouring a range of Recycled Polyester, Organic Cottons, and Eco Silk Mikado. 


All development of collections and projects happens in our studio in London. Due to our specific technical skillset as pattern makers, creative drapers and luxury sewing skills, we keep our development tight, with every stage from drape to final product meticulously considered in house. 

We work with the best machinists and production team in London who importantly understand our processes and finishes. This gives every piece the final WED flourish and ensures each garment is created with perfection, maintaining our incredibly high standard of quality.


When we created the business, we did not want to simply contribute to an ever-expanding Fashion Industry or add to the problems that the industry already faced. 

We wanted to not only have a legitimate reason to create the business, but to disrupt an industry that was lacking in sustainable design, modern aesthetics and so offered an alternative business model. This is something that we continue to explore and adapt with our increasing awareness of the alarming Climate Crisis. 

Rather than following established ways of working, Amy and Evan constantly revaluate their practices, creating new strategies and creative solutions to ensure they are not just adding to the system, but contributing in a meaningful way.


We made a commitment this year to become more involved in enriching collaborations. We are interested in working with those who would like to collaborate on projects surrounding sustainability, diversity and inclusion, alternative business models in fashion, concepts for a sustainable future, sustainable production and consumption, environmental impact of fast fashion, climate change and the role of fast fashion.

Our previous collaborations include deadstock sponsorships with Stephen Walters, Fashion Revolution, Fashion Open Studio x Mercedes Benz, Atmos x Nathan Sustainable Project, Sarabande Foundation House of Bandits. 

We are interested in working with businesses working towards innovation and creativity in the sustainable sphere. If you have any ideas or would like to approach us with a collaboration proposal, please reach out to