• Cassie Walker

    The stylist then came across London-based brand Wed, which specialises in bridal and occasion wear, on Instagram, and immediately fell in love with the eco-conscious designs of founders Amy Trinh and Evan Phillips. “I just loved [their] ethos,” Cassie explains. “They were fantastic; it was a really collaborative process. I feel so lucky to have worked on it with Amy and Evan.”

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  • Isabel Bonner

    Fast forward to this summer, and the couple finally got to have the wedding of their dreams. But, of course, it was important for Bonner to find the right dress. After trying on a handful of designer pieces, the bride decided she wanted something custom-made by eco-conscious London-based label Wed Studio, with whom she worked closely on the design. “I love Wed’s avant-garde take on wedding dresses, it’s so special,” she says. “The silhouette was inspired by my mum’s dress when she married my dad in the ’80s. I wanted to feel hot in it, so we did a boned corset and left it quite minimal with a full skirt. It was all about incorporating my favourite details with the brand’s signatures.”

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  • Celeste Brit Awards

    “The WED look is really dramatic, and a touch gothic,” adds Lucia. “It encompasses the dark emotion, but still looks timeless.” Incidentally, Lucia came across WED because of the link the brand shares with one of the houses Celeste most admires: Alexander McQueen. WED has benefitted from the Sarabande Foundation, which was established at Lee McQueen’s bequest as a charitable aid for emerging creatives. Arguably his greatest legacy, the foundation will have helped 100 craftspeople of a variety of disciplines by the end of 2020. Celeste’s Brits look is proof that the designer’s influence lives on in popular culture today.

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