Founded in early 2019 by designers Amy Trinh and Evan Phillips, WED are a London based duo pushing occasion wear into the future, by addressing the ‘one day dress’ concept, disrupting the market with an aesthetic inspired by the concepts of surrealism, imaginative drape, and creative cutting techniques.

Focusing on the traditions of dressmaking and craftsmanship, WED subvert elements of ready-to-wear practicality, whilst bringing pattern cutting and draping skills to the forefront to create special pieces which transcend any occasion. 

From one-off bespoke pieces to seasonal collections, together they aim to shift occasion wear towards something that aligns with the modern social climate. Whilst the idea of marriage in all its forms have changed beyond recognition and the concept of unity is shown in a variety of ways, WED aligns with these cultural shifts by offering an alternative proposition to the current occasion wear market.